The Only VPN that Does Not Slow Your Data!

Our engineers created a reimagined VPN that doesn’t sacrifice performance for security. FeatherVPN is secure, lightweight and 5Gready with a possibility of data speeds 2x to 10x faster than using no VPN at all! That’s insane!

Get Security and Privacy with Performance!

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Up To 10X Performance Boost

While performance depends on many factors, FeatherVPN’s exclusive use of BADU Networks' WarpEngine-X delivers data transfer speeds no other VPN can match.

Intuitive User Interface

FeatherVPN’s simple user interface guides you through installation and signup. Operation of the App is also easy with no complicated jargon or special knowledge to worry about.

Always On

FeatherVPN is your always on network friend. It’s reliable, lightweight and battery friendly.



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You Want to Get Stuff Done

So why would you want to use a VPN that slows your data down? The test results speak for themselves. A 10X throughput bump when using a VPN is unheard of. FeatherVPN is the only VPN where data download and upload speeds can be better than with no VPN at all. We routinely measure 10X improvements on a US based mobile networks. We'd like to say it is magic, but really, it is our breakthrough carrier grade optimization that boosts data rates by up to 10X. We all use FeatherVPN just for the performance!

"I now use FeatherVPN all the time when accessing the internet. Getting 40Mb/s data speeds while flying over the US on American was surreal."

  • Dennis Vadura , CEO BADU Networks
  • Dennis Vadura , CEO BADU Networks



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You Are 21st Century, You Move Around

With FeatherVPN, it’s like always being on the same secure, super-fast network even when you’re constantly on the move. Wireless network environments are crowded with Wi-Fi hotspots, LTE and 5G dead zones. Your mobile device must continually switch between the available networks. FeatherVPN's LinkRoaming (TM) provides seamless support for these types of network transitions.

"Not having to worry about dropping an important WiFi or IP call when I walk out from the house is a godsend."

  • Jerry Milek, Pilot
  • Jerry Milek, Pilot

Traditional VPN Features

FeatherVPN also has all of the traditional features that you have come to expect from a VPN.

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Great Security

High speed with high security. FeatherVPN uses TLS 1.3 as well as the latest ciphers including ChaCha20 to keep you secure. We don’t track you. We don’t even use cookies on our website. See our privacy policy for full details.

5G Ready

Carrier-Grade Optimization! That is how FeatherVPN achieves its impressive network performance. BADU Networks' patented WarpEngine-X(tm) technology is used to provide the VPN backend and encryption platform.

Battery Friendly

An always on VPN needs to sip battery and only use power when the VPN is being used. FeatherVPN achieves our goal of no additional measurable battery drain on 98% of the devices we have tested.

Regional Footprint

We support the USA, EU and Asia as exit regions. Soon we are adding Japan, and Australia. Check the App for the latest supported regions.

Give us a chance to change your mind about using a VPN

Most of our plans come with a 3-day free trial and all plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee. Never try another VPN again.